It's well known that superior and high-grade samples are the key and a "pre" for successful collection presentations and sales.
Having that in mind, we at DEFACTO define
sampling as one of our most important tasks.
Since a good collection begins by the right choice of fabrics, we try in the first place to visit well known knitting factories together with our customers, in order to help them choose the qualities, which meet their specific needs. In those cases where such a visit is not possible, we send them a wide range of material samples in the line of their preference.

At the same time we research all possible ways available to reach the quality standard preferred.
In order to obtain the preferred quality we hand
the designs to manufacturers selected on their qualifications and specialization.

After that, we run all stages of the sampling procedure, from the prototype until the salesman samples, under continuous quality control, taking into account the agreed delivery time. On the other hand, the customer gets regularly informed over the different stages of that procedure.

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